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Grant Recipients

Tamara De Anda

Journalist, Author, Activist

Winning Feature: "Blank Spaces" The Fight to Save Mexico City's Taco Truck Street Art
Found in:
Issue 01

Tamara De Anda is an internationally recognized journalist, author, activist and TV personality based Mexico City. In addition to publishing work with Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown,” Tamara has been named to BBC’s 100 Women and has published work with numerous Mexico City publications. Along with renowned illustrator, Andonella, she co-authored #AmigaDateCuenta, a book about feminism and women’s health and has been a fixture on Itinerario TV, a public television program examining Mexico City popular culture, for over a decade. More than anything, Tamara is #chilanga, a city resident that seeks out life, energy and stories on the streets of CDMX and her detailed and entertaining social commentary reflects that.

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