So many pieces of our daily lives are held together by elements we rarely, if ever, see.

Innovation. Language. Nature. Design. These invisible forces can power a car, but also shape cultures and build communities. Some keep history alive. Others rewrite it completely. Our second issue celebrates these undercurrents, a chance to pull back the curtain and connect with the overlooked momentum enriching our time on two feet.

West Papua

Mothers of the Sea

In the remote islands of Indonesia, a small collective of women have embarked on a mission to protect their crystal waters—and the bounty that thrives there—against all odds.


American Southwest

Geography of Hope

As drought grips the American West, Glen Canyon has reemerged from underwater obscurity. Photographer Elliot Smith has spent years wandering these forgotten corridors, bringing them to life in this stunning photo essay.




Inspired by 1970s cult films, a group of Japanese truckers have turned their rigs into rolling pieces of art. How did their fringe community make it mainstream?



And More!

Seven beautiful longform stories ranging from Portland's underground music scene to Cuba's internet pirates, plus film photography tips, South African eco lodges, and Peruvian recipes. Ori 02 features over 25 creatives from around the globe.

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