A new model for sustainable storytelling.

2% of magazine revenue goes directly to the Ori Creative Grant.

At Ori, we value quality storytelling. We also know that work comes at a cost to creators. In today’s media landscape of shrinking budgets, shuttering publications and the oversaturation of underpaid, surface level clickbait, it can be hard to find support for longform projects, and as a result, many great stories simply go untold.

How does the Creative Grant work?

We’re calling on our subscribers to decide where our grant funds go. Shortly after each issue is released, our subscribers will vote for their favorite story and contributor. The winner will receive the grant for their next independent project.

We've implemented this into our business so as we grow, the grant grows with us, helping close the creative circle, build community, and push travel journalism to places it’s never been.

This is our idea of a win-win.