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Lifetime Subscription

Lifetime Subscription


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Beyond receiving Ori Magazine with your name printed in every masthead, this commitment serves a greater good. Yeah, that's right, you'll literally be a part of every magazine, but learn a little more about why that matters below. 

Ori was founded on the belief that print is forever, and that magazines can be better for the reader by being better to their creators. Our creative grant offers a virtuous circle for independent writers, photographers, and artists to continue telling stories, and a physical magazine to give those stories the timeless platform they deserve.

We have taken zero private investment and currently have no advertisers, so cash isn't exactly flowing from the faucet. It turns out printing a high quality magazine is expensive, even for a passion-fueled startup. We have our critics when we say we're starting a print magazine in 2023, but we believe in this medium and in our readers. They understand why this publication matters and why these stories need to be told. By hitting the buy button, you're forever sealed in our hearts and we'll make sure your contribution is an investment well made. It's a big world out there, let's celebrate it together.

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Immerse Yourself

Visit faraway places and roam your backyard with our award-winning storytellers as they explore untold tales from across the globe. From art to music to food to adventure, our pages know no boundaries.


The World Like You’ve Never Seen It

Mind-blowing imagery from internationally recognized photographers will bring your brain around the world and back again. Careful, this mag might have you booking your next plane ticket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

ori creative grant

Lift as you Climb

Curate your content and choose your adventure with the Ori Creative Grant. Our storytelling scholarship is voted on by subscribers and awarded to an Ori contributor twice a year. These stories matter, let’s keep telling them.


a Premium publication

Long Live Print

Stories you can feel, magazines you can hold. Ori is the antidote to endless scrolling with more than 130 printed pages that invite you to slow down and savor.