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Ori is a twice-a-year travel magazine building a healthy ecosystem for storytellers worldwide. We set aside a portion of all revenue for our Ori Creative Grant, empowering our subscribers to choose their favorite contributor from each issue to fund that creative’s next project. Powered by our award-winning creative community, Ori is travel from the source.

Connect with a culturally engaged audience by advertising in Ori Magazine, ensuring your brand reaches a targeted readership that values authenticity and creativity.

Kari Medig on Ori’s community approach:

2023 American Photography winner and ori contributor

“The days of someone swooping in to write someone else's story are numbered.So, I think community is important in terms of input into how a story is toldand great way for more experienced journalists to mentor communitymembers. This has the plus of making a story stronger and more intimate."

  • Demographics

    Our audience has the means to travel, but still seeks the knowledge and tools to get them there. Think: tech startups, medical sales, people with financial resources who view time as an important resource.

    • Age: 25-45
    • Gender: All (they/she/her)
    • Income: Median annual household $75k-$125k
    • Education: Holds a college degree or higher
  • Call to Action

    Our mission doesn’t stop with our subscribers. We are building partnerships with brands that not only believe in our cause, but want to be part of the solution. We’re dedicating 5% of every ad buy to the Ori Creative Grant in order to elevate storytellers and inspire sustainable travel for generations to come.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Print

    Timeless stories and beautiful imagery is the focal point of Ori. Encapsulated by a our high quality and consistent printing standards to stand the test of time on a coffee table or bookshelf.

    • Ad Options: Spreads & Full Page
    • Frequency: Twice Annually (Fall & Spring)
    • Social Benefit: 5% of ad revenue funds the Ori Grant.
  • Digital

    Ori's ever growing subscriber base as well as our broader community of newsletter and social following can be engaged in a variety of organic and authentic ways.

    • Product Giveaways
    • Inclusion in Weekly Newsletter
    • Gear Test & Reviews
    • Exclusive discounts

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