"It’s difficult to find travel journalism that speaks to unique experiences and that at the same time promotes responsible, respectful tourism that doesn’t exotify and or extract. In a system that depends on clickbait and advertisers disconnected from reality, I understand that the most profitable content is an influencer riding an elephant while drinking champagne. But that’s why the arrival of Ori fills me with hope and joy. Because I want to tell those other stories, the stories that never had a home before. I want to inspire and be inspired by others to continue traveling and experiencing the world."

Tamara de Anda

Journalist and TV broadcaster for 'El Once' (Mexico City) and BBC's 100 Women

“The days of someone swooping in to write someone else's story are numbered. So, I think Ori's community is important in terms of input into how a story is told and a great way for more experienced journalists to mentor community members. This has the plus of making a story stronger and more intimate.”

Kari Medig

2023 American Photography winner