Be a Part of the Ori Generation

Ori is aiming to flip the script on the traditional travel space, prioritizing local contributors and creatives to tell our global stories. The “36 Hours In” model is prevalent, so our mission at Ori is to go deeper and to get the stories that help us learn about places, people the idiosyncrasies of culture that make us hungry to not only visit, but interact and share with new communities. Think more cultural exchange and less cultural extraction.

How can we find and tell these stories?

We aim to partner with established storytellers from the regions we want to visit, and constructing our world map from the inside out. Have a story about your hometown or even a place you once called home? We want to hear it! Bring us along for the ride.

Kari Medig on Ori’s community approach:

2023 American Photography winner and ori contributor

“The days of someone swooping in to write someone else's story are numbered. So, I think community is important in terms of input into how a story is told and great way for more experienced journalists to mentor community members. This has the plus of making a story stronger and more intimate."